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Muffin Platter

Muffin Platter

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Vegetarian; Egg mayo, cheese

Meat; Ham, Turkey, Cajun chicken, Tuna

Mixed; all of the above

We have a selection of fillings for our sandwich platter. They are all made fresh on the day of your event by our experienced staff. If you have a preference on fillings, butter and any extras then please leave a comment at check out with your requirements.

HAM (naturally cooked breast meat) on its own or + Salad

CHICKEN (freshly sliced breast) or Cajun Chicken / + Salad  

TURKEY (naturally cooked breast meat) on its own or + Salad 

EGG MAYO (free range eggs) on its own or + Salad 

TUNA (dolphin friendly) + Salad / Mayo Sweetcorn 

CHEESE (cheddar) on its own or + Salad 

DRESSINGS + EXTRAS - Tomato Ketchup / Mayonnaise / Salad Cream / Branston Pickle / Mustard / Piccalilli / Coleslaw / Stuffing

Please state in the further information section if you would like butter and the fillings you would prefer.

Serves approx 4 - 5 people (16pcs)

Allergen Policy

We make hundreds of products in our shops and in our central bakery / kitchens for our shops. All are made to the highest hygiene standards, but because we don’t have segregated production for each product, we can’t really guarantee any of our food is allergen free.